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 Possibly most famous for bagpipes and kilts, there is more to Scotland than shortbread and whisky. The Scots have a strong sense of national identity, but modern Scotland has a culture that embraces diversity. Like Wales, Scotland has, to an extent, a separate parliament and also boasts a different education and legal system.

Locations presently available in Scotland include: Edinburgh, Penicuik, Loanhead, Dalkeith, Stirling, Aberdeen & Perth to name but a few.

Scottish writers in the English language include Sir Walter Scott famous for 'Waverley', 'Ivanhoe' and 'Rob Roy', Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who penned one of the earliest detective series – 'Sherlock Holmes' and Robert Louis Stevenson who wrote 'Treasure Island' and 'Robinson Crusoe'. Possibly the most famous son of Scotland is the wild man of poetry Robert Burns, his poems are sung at the turn of the New Year all over the world – perhaps you didn't know that 'Auld Lang Syne' was written by the lover and bard 'Rabbie Burns'?

Scotland's turbulent past has been host to many historical figures such as William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and Mary Queen of Scots, who have contributed to shaping the identity of this small nation.

Throughout the centuries Scotland has been the birthplace of many significant inventors who have moulded the modern world with creations such as the telephone, television, macadamisation, radar and penicillin.

The bagpipes are a distinct and melodic instrument played by bagpipers who are heard on the streets of many a town and city all year round. You can always spot the famous Scots at film premiers because they are more often than not, wearing a kilt! Sean Connery, Ewan Mcgregor, Gerard Butler and Kelly McDonald are world famous for their roles in 'James Bond', 'Star Wars', '300' and the infamous 'Trainspotting'.

Why not visit Scotland? The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, was once described as the Athens of the North and the amazing city of Glasgow, set to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games, are both locations which are steeped in history and culture. Home of the 'water of life' - "usquebaugh" in Gaelic - there are distillery tours that will enable you to appreciate the craftsmanship that is involved in Scotch whisky making. The scenery of Scotland will literally blow you away. Perhaps you might even catch a glimpse of the nations most famous monster – Nessie?

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