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Possibly most famous for bagpipes and kilts, there is more to Scotland than shortbread and whisky. The Scottish Government is leading the way in Europe and globally with some of the toughest renewable energy and environmental policies/targets anywhere in the world. The government intends to reduce carbon emissions by 80% - 42% in the interim by 2020.windfarm-3

  • minimum of 4 to 14 days soaking up inspiration concerning the energy we can create for free.
  • Discover the incredible variety of initiatives there are in Scotland
  • See real life examples of carbon footprint reduction.
  • All ages and groups sizes catered for
  • Take home a future perspective of a greener outlook.

See how giant wind farms and hydro electric power stations are integrated into areas of natural beauty. On our Education Tour you could experience a visit to a former woollen mill which pioneered water power during the industrial revolution. Learn about community projects designed to reduce the impact on the environment around us. Other themes could include wildlife or sealife centres featuring all the best there is to offer!

On our Eco & Offset Tours you could have the chance to visit local businesses which have adapted their current practice to minimise their demands for energy and in so doing reduced their impact on the environment. Your group could have the opportunity to visit companies who have installed cutting edge technology in the field of micro renewable engineering.

Chose our Carbon Offset* programme and there is a good chance you can come and go from Scotland safe in the knowledge that your carbon footprint was kept to an absolute minimum, you enlisted only the best green tourism providers – committed to sustainable communities.

* You must be prepared to walk, cycle & plant for the future.

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