Language and cultural programmes for foreign students throughout the UK and Ireland

 Enjoy the full immersion programme of staying with a host family and going to a local State High School on a full-time basis. Concurrent studies can include any subjects available within the British or Irish curriculum depending on the school.

exchange-students-2012Spend a full academic year of 9 or 10 months at a British or Irish School or just a fast paced term. This option is only available to young people aged between 16 and 18 years of age who are from EU countries. The locations we offer currently are Ireland, Scotland and England.

We strongly recommend that all students register via one of our partners across Europe so that they can experience the full programme of interviews, orientation and services that only these agencies can provide.

  • Enjoy an academic year in a UK or Irish State School
  • Extend your experience of using English by living in a family environment
  • Learn a range of subjects that will enhance your use and understanding of English
  • Modern teaching methods are integral in all schools and cover listening, speaking & writing
  • Join the school or local sports/cultural clubs or discover a new activity such as Scottish/Irish Dancing, zumba, pantomime...
  • Participate in the optional ETS-UK weekend excursions to discover other parts of the UK and Ireland
  • Make new friends and forge relationships which will last a lifetime

This is a unique experience which not only allows you to improve your English but to 'live the life' of a native person gaining a high level of proficiency in the language and culture of the chosen country. It is a plus for the CV of anyone intending to work within an international field.

Early application dates apply for the next academic year.

NB It is compulsory for all our clients (individual or groups) to have full insurance which covers general health, travel, repatriation and civil liability.

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